This week’s headline is overhead conduit racks, featuring our jigs that were specifically designed for these types of projects.  The jigs were created with flexibility in mind!  The tables are adjustable to work side-by-side for wider parallel runs and can accommodate all the twists and turns that take place between panels, gear, and pull-boxes.  The templates are removeable for job-specific conduit lay-out designs.  The strut holders are on moveable/lockable arms with a bench tape for accurate measurements so the hangers can hit their targets.  On this project we are using rod couplings for a smooth install.  We also utilize drop-T’s for lining up our multi-tiered runs.

Project:  Large National Car Battery Plant

Project Manager: Pat Capouch

Project GF: Gary Mann

ACP: Joe Linquist

VDC: Matt Hobbs

Baer Foreman:  Kevin Geis