Centerstage this week are panel stand builds for our national project – Project Fusion – in Indiana. These stands are responsible for housing important electrical components that will eventually power up the entire project. With 87 stands in total, our team has been working tirelessly to ensure that each one is built to the highest standard.

The first round of panel stands will hit the jobsite this week and the team is excited to see their hard work come to fruition. The tubs, disconnects, and transformers have already been mounted.

Once the final fittings arrive, the team will torque and meg each stand to ensure that they are safe and ready for use. With safety being our top priority, we are confident that these panel stands will perform flawlessly.

We wish the panel stands safe travels as they make their way to the jobsite, and we are excited to see them in action soon!

Prefabrication Project:  Fusion Panel Stands
Project Manager:  Andy Beaster
General Foreman on Site:  Gary Mann
Virtual Design & Construction:  Matt Hobbs
Advanced Construction Planning:  Joe Linquist
Prefab General Foremen:  Kevin Geis and Sean Hanson


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