Other News

This month, Baer Manufacturing is bustling with a diverse array of projects. Currently, we are actively engaged in the production of 264 skids, each meticulously assembled with cable trays and equipment before being carefully packaged and dispatched to their destinations. Our duct bank line has consistently maintained a daily output of over 400 feet throughout the month, a trend we anticipate to persist in the foreseeable future. Additionally, our innovative fabrication team is continuously enhancing our processes, striving for improved efficiency, speed, and safety on the production floor.

Exciting news! Baer Manufacturing is thrilled to welcome fresh talent to our dynamic team! Stepping into pivotal roles, we’re delighted to introduce Bill Dravis as our vigilant Safety Representative, reinforcing our commitment to safety at every turn. Meanwhile, joining us as the astute Vice President of Manufacturing is Seth Luibakka, boasting a rich background in management and lean manufacturing. The entire team is buzzing with anticipation, eager to collaborate with Seth and glean insights from his expertise!