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This week at Baer Manufacturing, we are retro-fitting an E-house.  An E-House is a prefabricated containerized electrical distribution unit that is customized per the needs of the customer.  This E-house arrived at Baer Manufacturing from the east coast.  During its stay here, we removed some of the old gear and began the work of patching and prepping for the new equipment.  This heavyweight clocks in at 80,000 pounds and measures in at 15’ x 15’ x 50’.

To safely weld the necessary patch work, we had to hoist the container up in order to remove the spray foam underneath.  Then, we made access holes under the new gear, spray foamed the old and new work, sprayed it for protection with a rubberized undercoating, and set it back down to complete the interior work.  Soon this E-House will be on the road heading out west to its new home.


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