Project:  3rd Party Conex Build
PM:  Matt Koenig
VDC:  Charlie Pelzer
Welding PM:  Connor Johnson
Prefab Foreman:  Sean Hanson

The past couple of weeks Baer Manufacturing has been custom building a 20’ temporary conex for a 3rd party customer located in North Dakota.  Our welding department was the first one to get their hands on the conex.  Connor Johnson’s team laid out the couplings, strut and door locations, then got busy cutting out and welding material into place.

Next, the conex was power sprayed off and wiped down in preparation for paint, which we do in-house.  We are currently at the stage of installing the exterior j-boxes and setting the gear in the conex.  The wiring out to the j-boxes will be installed this week, along with interior lighting and power.  Next week the service doors will be installed and then we can test the final product and send it on its way.


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