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This week in prefab we were asked to load spools with fiber and 100-pair copper cable for our in-house limited energy division, ECSI System Integrators. A total of 36 spools at different lengths were to be pulled off the 10,000-foot spools pictured. At Baer Manufacturing, we used our spooling equipment to make this process as efficient as possible. Something we had to think about when loading the spools was the minimum bend radius of the fiber wire. This led us to only feed the cable onto spools with an 8 inch or greater radius so it would not be damaged This was a great project for our prefab team, and we are happy to make things easier on site for our field team.

Prefabrication Project: Mayo Hospital Expansion
Project Manager: Kevin Huntley
General Foreman: Rick Jasperson
Advanced Construction Planning: Jeff Hoit
Production Manager: Ryan Anez


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