This week the welding department is pumping out 10 more Hunt PDU’s for prefab.  The custom PDU design is a result of a collaboration between ACP, VDC and Prefab.  It’s placed on heavy duty caster’s, with picking eyes and pockets for a forklift.  We’ve even tagged it with our new Hunt Logo!  Once this unit is powered up, it’s ready for some plug-n-play action.  Whether it’s turtle cords, lighting circuits or charging batteries, there are a variety of receptacles to choose from depending on your power needs.  Included is a 75kva transformer with a 200 amp 120/208v panel on one side and a 200 amp 480/277v panel on the other side.

Project:  Hunt PDU’s

Project Manager:  Ryan Anez

ACP: Mike Hansen

VDC: Thomas Trzynka

Baer Foremen:  Pete Richter

Welding Foreman: Zach Miller


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