Other News

This project is fresh out of our new facility!  We are in the midst of building a variety of panel stands for a large national project in Kansas City, 240 stands in total.  To assist in the process of setting the heavy equipment on the stands, a hydraulic tilt table was designed in-house.  Teaming the tilt table with a gantry crane hoist saved a lot of pain and heartache for our electricians.  Another big win was designing the A-frames to handle the variety of stands being shipped safely and securely.  We have a rotation of 25 A-frame carts in the process of being loaded, traveling down to KC, unloaded on-site, and then heading back to Wisconsin for a refill.

Project:  Large National Data Center

Project Managers: Renee Geis and Evan Connor

Superintendent: Marv Peterson

ACP: Jeff Hoit

VDC: Mike Cook and Connor Johnson

Baer Foremen:  Jim Koehn and Billy McAlear


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