Here is round two of Pine Bend jumpers (check out round one here).  We had been waiting on this wire for weeks and when it finally arrived our perfect plan fell apart!  The insulation on this jacket was quite a bit thicker and wouldn’t work with our typical set-up.  It’s good to have options with the newer equipment we have accumulated over the past few years.  We were able to procure the proper sized wire guide and blades for our new stripper since hand-stripping thousands of #6 was not an option even worth considering.  The crew is plowing through this order, and we are sending them out in batches to the jobsite to keep everything rolling!

Prefab Project:  Pinebend Jumpers

PM:  Bob Hoernemann

ACP:  Jeremiah Johnson

GF On Site:  Rich Lillis

Prefab GF:  Kevin Geis


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