Other News

Who doesn’t love a field trip?  Last week Hunt team members from VDC, ACP and Baer Prefab were able to visit one of our national jobs in Indiana.  It was awesome arriving on-site and seeing the fruits of our labor and meeting the amazing crew installing the final product.  We received a day long site tour in this massive 3.3 million square foot facility.  Observing the laydown area where prefabrication is received, to actively seeing it installed, and all the hard work from the job-site crew, made this trip well worth it!  We were able to interact with the foremen on-site and receive feedback, which was mostly positive.  Overall, prefabrication was a big hit on-site!  Thanks again to Gary Mann and Andy Beaster for your hard work and for hosting us!

Project:  National Battery Plant
PM:  Andy Beaster
GF on Site:  Gary Mann
VDC:  Matt Hobbs
ACP:  Joe Linquist and Ben Faue

Prefab Foreman:  Kevin Geis