We are coming close to the finish line on one of our bigger projects at Baer Manufacturing.  The overhead conduit rack area has grown quiet in the past couple of weeks.  Over the course of the project, we pumped out close to 200,000’ of 4” EMT, including thousands of bends.  We transitioned to our new Crippa bender mid-project, worked out the deltas and were able to crank them out at record speed.  On a good day, we can shoot out 90 bends!  We still have a few hundred hangers to make for the bus duct runs in the building and a couple of handfuls of panel stand line-ups to complete.  Open communication with the jobsite really helped this effort be the success that it was, thanks again!

Project:  Large National Battery Plant
PM:  Andy Beaster
GF on Site:  Gary Mann
VDC:  Luke Long
ACP:  Joe Linquist
Prefab GF:  Kevin Geis