‘Tis the season for solar!  We are amping up our string-wire process once again, and this time we are tackling our largest solar project ever – Pine Bend Solar!  Our ever-evolving string-wire process has had the upgrade of a lifetime, taking 80% less space than our first system we used over 5 years ago.  With the implementation of wire counters, pneumatic strippers, crimpers, and a turntable for loading and unloading spools simultaneously, which allows us to work on multiple parts of the process at the same time.  Early estimates indicate we will more than double our production.  Plus, it’s a lot more user friendly!

Project:  Pine Bend Solar Array

Project Manager: Bob Hoernemann

Assistant PM: Chris Schieffer

Project GF: Rich Lillis

ACP: Jeremiah Johnson

Baer Foreman:  Kevin Geis


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