This week in prefabrication, we are starting to build panel stands for Project Summit (Andersen Windows) in Georgia. Baer Manufacturing has been working with Hunt Electric’s Advanced Construction Planning department and currently has drawings for 18 of the 30 panel and transformer stands. We have an awesome team of welders that have started to drive this project in the right direction. The stands are currently getting powder coated ansi grey and will be ready to start mounting tubs/transformers later this week. Through communication with the team working on Summit, we plan to bring these panel stands to as close to completion as possible before sending them down to the site. We have the people and the space here to prefabricate any work desired, helping our job sites be more efficient and decluttered from material.

Prefabrication Project: Project Summit Panel Stands
Project Manager: Carrie Thompson
General Foreman: Tim Hoffman
Advanced Construction Project: Patrick Rosenthal
Production Manager: Ryan Anez


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