This week in prefabrication, we did a series of unique conduit concentric bends. Van Meter is installing a training/demonstration center for comparing how different brands of wire pull through a run of conduit (see pictures) and the drawings call for various 90-degree radiuses.

At Baer Manufacturing, we were asked to bend a 20ft stick of 3-inch EMT into a large sweeping 90-degree elbow. We did 30 concentric bends at 3 degrees to properly bend the 90. This was a first for most people at Baer Manufacturing. We even had to use a scissor lift to hold the stub up as the bend grew in height.

True to the core values of Hunt Electric,  our talented group of electricians and assemblers found a way to get the job done. Think of us for every day-to-day prefab and for the one-off more challenging tasks that job sites don’t have the time or equipment for.

Prefabrication Project: Van Meter Training Center
Project Manager: Kevin Almendinger
General Foreman: Matt Laidlaw
ACP: Jeff Hoit
Business Development: Charlie Pelzer
Production Manager: Ryan Anez


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